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This is the area we know as Pepper Drive Christmas Lights, also as Jingle Bell Hill. There are about 75 homes on the 3 blocks 0f streets around this address that decorate each year. For our East County it is the largest and this time of year choked with traffic. There are even permanent signs telling travelers of delays this time of year. It can take an hour by car to inch your way through. Of note is the group on one street that has Santa and his sleigh on one house and then a reindeer on each roof of the next 6 homes, all connected!

This house sits in the middle of an area of many more impressive decorations.

Above is a screen shot of the map of the area. These are the homes that actively participate. I would say 95% within the area outlined. There are more outside but this is the area of “slow traffic”. The area knows it as the “Christmas Lights off Pepper Drive”.