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First Date On: 12/9/2017 Last Date On: 12/31/2017


First Date On: 11/26/2017 STAR ONLY
Last Date On: 12/31/2017 LAST NIGHT IS NEW YEARS EVE

Highlights of our display:

Our 20 foot twinkling star on our tower is 100 feet off the ground which is seen over El Cajon valley (25 square miles) lit from Thanksgiving Sunday through New Years Eve. The star has been a fixture over the valley every year since 1964.

2 weeks before Christmas all other decorations are lit including the tower which becomes a giant Christmas tree of lights 80 feet high.

Our Christmas Train is 50 feet long and 7 feet high with smoke rising 30 feet up into the trees dominates the front yard. The train and all decorations are completely automated with 80 PC driven channels of lights.

The entire yard takes on a winter snowfall effect.

House is also brightly decorated with traditional lighting decorations.