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Here you will find a display of hand-made and hand-painted items where we wanted to bring as much of the Christmas spirit to people this year as possible.

We created several interactive displays, including a Gingerbread house, with different Christmas movies playing each night that families are welcome to come in and spend some time together enjoying. There are also two life-sized Gingerbread man cut outs (adult and kid-sized) to take photos with and create some memories together.

In addition, we created a Victorian village with cutouts of characters and buildings placed all over the lawn, and we hand-painted a 60 ft. long mural of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and all of his friends on our fence. Most nights, there is a separate T.V., located next to the mural, playing the Rudolph movie for those that like reminisce in a bit of nostalgia.

There are also lots of lights and lots of ornaments in the trees. We hope you enjoy it. Have a very Merry Christmas.

(We are located at the corner of North Country and Black Bear, near Watt Ave. and Antelope Blvd.)

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