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First Date On: 11/25/2017 Last Date On: 1/1/2018


This is a massive residential light display that I have created all by myself which features close a 1,000 tons of giant robots, massive art installations and life size villages in a whimsical otherworldly themed winter wonderland that people can tour through on meandering pathways. The display's largest number of lights reached approx. 8 million. Powered by a 400 amp commercial service and piggybacked sub panels provide an estimated output of 6,400 amps as the display required massive amounts of power to run it before I switched to LEDs in 2012. LEDs have given me the ability to eventually increase the number of lights in the years to come by as much as ten fold. I have been doing it since 1986 ever since I was 12 years old. All the artwork I hand build. It can take up to four months for me to string the lights. One of the most unique lighting features is the light sky which spans an approx. 14,000 sq ft over the front and sides of the house suspending in mid air. There is massive inflatables up to 50' on size from Santa, Snowman, a Candy Cane yielding Godzilla and a King Kong lifting Santa's sleigh high above his head. There is numerous others too. There is also a full fledged roller coaster made out of 100s of lounge chairs with riders riding shopping carts on it that spans more than 300' in length. ROBOLIGHTS takes a complete fusion of robotic, holiday and extraterrestrial themes giving visitors a holiday experience like no other. Some robots even have moving parts. Outdoor giant Robots and various artworks number more than 250 and range from 4' -50' in size all made out recycled items accumulated over a thirty year period. Each year ROBOLIGHTS has taken in and distributed up to a couple tons of toys and canned goods for the needy. In 2012 over 20,000 people walked through the display.

Reported has 8,400,000 lights! WOW

Recognized as the world's most interesting light display according to this just released 2013 article:

Read the article from the November 28, 2014 Desert Sun newspaper: Page 1 [PDF] Page 2 [PDF]

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