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Norton's Winter Wonderland
Burbank residents go all out when decorating their home
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First Date On: 12/4/2017 Last Date On: 12/27/2017

For 45 years, we have decorated our home for the holidays. The display has grown with each passing year. The ground-level part of the display represents Santa’s Theme Park – with animated rides that thrill the children (and adults, too!). The train (with real steam sound – and steam) appears to be the most favorite with all the visitors. The Merry-go-round with its calliope Christmas music is also a favorite. The Ferris wheel features cabbage patch dolls that ride each night. The flying swings have holiday bears swinging through the cool night air. Disney animals ride the double-hammer ride, while kids are playing on the teeter totter.

There are two live streaming webcams that allow folks to view the display from around the world, as well as enable visitors to call anyone from in front of the display – direct them to the website and the webcams – and then wish them a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays from Beautiful Downtown Burbank! There are thousands of lights with many of them computer-controlled using Light-O-Rama controllers. Christmas music is played through speakers near the front of the house as well as in the parkway tree giving visitors beautiful holiday music to enjoy while viewing the display. The display on the roof is Christian Themed – to remind all of the reason for the season.

The sidewalks and streets are typically packed nightly with people and cars all wanting to visit our block to see this display.

The display has been featured on HGTV in their holiday special. It has also been featured on The Learning Channel, and Disney filmed one of their segments with the actors talking and singing in the midst of the display.

Another newspaper article from December 2014 -