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Last Verified: 2016 Light Show FM Broadcast
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Lights on Lexington displays an intense Christmas Light Display uniquely programmed and synchronized to music.

2016 update: This will be our 4th year custom sequencing with Light-O-Rama. We have over 40,000 lights this year synchronized to music on 128 channels. We also have 3 10ft leaping arches, a 16' mega tree, 4 light poles, and over 80 strobe lights. All lights are LED and all music is dedicated to Disney. The songs are broadcast on 90.1 FM, and the show currently runs through New Years Eve Sun-Thurs 6p-9p, Fri-Sat 6p-10p, and extended hours on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

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This year we have partnered with Make-a-Wish Greater Bay Area! Wishes are funded solely through donations! I have personally helped grant over 45 wishes as a volunteer grantor, and we've done our first Wish Reveal on property this season! Please help donate to this great organization by clicking on the link!

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