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For the last 20+ years I've been decorating this house that you see which at one time belonged to my Grandparents & although they're no longer with us as of last year, I continue to do this in their memory because they loved it so much. The display includes a sign that I made which reads "In Loving Memory of Eric & Aurora Gaisford", Angels on the lawn with names of dear friends that have passed away from our street throughout the years which we named as our "Starhaven Angels", lights in the form of a waterfall that appear to be trickling down, a 7 foot snow globe, 2 animated deer, Santa on the roof coming out of a chimney, baby Jesus on the roof with an Angel, a snowman on the lawn, twinkling snowflakes, & last but not least, holiday music playing for all to enjoy provided by our favorite holiday radio station (KOST 103.5). Thank You & Merry Christmas.

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