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Last Verified: 2016 Light Show FM Broadcast Return: To San Diego Community Listings
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Last year our house had 45,000 lights controlled by 64 channels of Lightorama equipment. We had 16 songs programmed and were transmitted on FM radio as well.

Typically our display run for the entire month of December Sun-Thurs 5:00-10:00 and Fri-Sat 5:00-11:00 and 5:00-midnight on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Because of our recent move, our display won't be up and running until Saturday, December 8th.

Some of you may be used to seeing our show at 5919 Cloudview Place, San Diego, CA 92120

We recently moved to 5657 Red River Dr, San Diego CA 92120 where you will see a bigger and better show!

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