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Happy holidays from the Chilcote family!

Our landscape is lit up from the ground level with the green lights to the near peak of the roof-line iced with many white diamonds, our house will sure be seen as a gingerbread house wonderland. The home-made gingerbread girls and boys with the hand painted life size toy solder men guarding the front door of the "Toy Shop" will seem very charming and sophisticated with a childish touch. Our lollipops will seem very festive with two different homemade types around the perimeter of the grass. The forest of 4 snowy tomato cage trees in the 'snow' will seem like you're in a different mythical land. We are sure you and your family will enjoy our relaxed light show during this wonderful season in style with light.

Showing times: from 5pm to 10pm.

2015- adding 12 arches across the driveway.

2016- decorated wreaths at each gable end, a 10 ft. tall lighted tree mounted to the roof, and Christmas theme music.

The Contra Costa Food Bank will be dropping of a bin for non-perishable items. We will have it in our front yard if viewers chose to drop them off.

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