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First Date On: 11/25/2016 Last Date On: 1/1/2017

My brother and I help our dad do the lights and it takes him 3 weekends to put up the lights and always adds something new. His lights are inspired by classic Christmas decorations with a cartoon theme from our childhood. He even has a 6 foot tall Santa Claus that is from 1940. Last year he made the snow castle from the movie Frozen and had a blow up Olaf.

This year he has added the Elsa blow up to be with Olaf on the roof. He has a few different blow ups on the lawn such as a snow man, two polar bears, and Sponge Bob. He has several reindeer on the lawn drinking from water which is made out of lights. He also has hand-made lollipops which are on the right part of the lawn. There are many other additions that are on the house that need to be seen in person.

Display dates: November 25th to January 1st

Times from 6pm-10:00pm.

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