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Last Verified: 2016
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We have used our street light to create a huge beautiful Christmas tree, there are life-size handcrafted Santa sleigh and reindeer outlined in red LED lights. I have outlined the entire roof as well as designed a Christmas tree in the middle of the roof. I have put spirals and triangles to fill up the entire lawn area. We outlined our driveway and the side fence has a design of a Christmas tree with Lupe lights following all the way down. We have the color changing lights outlining each window and we have the newer addition of color changing lights outlining the front doorway. We have projectors and projector bulbs as well as snowmen and my Maple tree has been stripped of its leaves and completely outlined with pink LED lights with ornaments on them and my big pear tree is spiraled with light as well. My kids and I carved out the word merry Christmas out of wood and that is on display as well and last but not least we have the Lowe's show box which we plug our phone into and our whole house will dance to the songs of choice. We turn our lights on at 6:30 PM leave them on until about 930 to 10:00 PM on the week of Christmas I will dress up like Santa and go outside and wave to everyone. Basically our whole entire house is covered with LED lights. It truly is an amazing sight to see.

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