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The display for the 2016-2017 Christmas Season will be featuring Santa's Workshop at the North Pole. Santa is making his way to the North Pole on the North Pole Reindeer Railway .Upon arrival you will be greeted by the Penguin family and Frosty.

Santa's workshop is illuminated with multicolored LED lights and with white and red LED lights on the walls. On the side is the reindeer corral which you will find the reindeer and a 20-foot LED lighted Christmas tree with a variety of different ornaments. This year at Santa's Workshop has been really special due to the making of the nutcracker family. Utilizing recycled items the nutcracker takes shape in all different sizes up to a 7'6" tall nutcracker.

Everyday up until Christmas Eve day there is something added to the display which makes you wonder what is the new item for today is.

The Display will be on from 5ish pm to 9ish pm every day weather permitting up until New Year's Day 2017.

This display uses approximately 90% LED lights.

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