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First Date On: 11/24/2017 Last Date On: 1/6/2018

2017 - This is the 30th year of this display. Congrats!!! This season a few things have changed. The theme is A Christmas Toy Story. The house is a In blue Led and multi led lights. The North pole has been relocated through the top of the roof and a 25 ft Christmas tree of lights is now up front where the toys will begin to surround the tree. Some of the toys that are there now is a 8.5 ft hugging teddy bear, a rocking horse and a 8 ft tall nutcracker which is made from recycled pieces such as an old shop vac and old mailboxes.

The lights normally turn on around 5 ish and are off at 9 ish. Weather permitting. If its raining, then the lights are off for that night.

The display is at 97% LED this year.