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The display consists of 27,500 LED Sting Lights synchronized to just over 13 minutes of Star Trek music and HD video. The display is powered by 232 individual Renard channels and includes several home made props which include eight (8) sparkle balls, four (4) leaping arches, five (5) starburst poles, four (4) mini tree's, a 16 channel light bar, a 10' tall spiral tree with 25 strobe lights (the shows focal point), two smoke machines, and a 1080p projector synchronized to Star Trek video clips.

The show will run Sunday - Friday between 7:00 PM & 8:30 PM and begin every quarter hour (7, 7:15, 7:30, etc.) from December 20th to January 2.

The show will not run on Saturday nights or when it is raining. Some evenings the smoke machines and video may not run.

This house is located up a single lane dirt road and in a very quiet neighborhood. Please be mindful of the neighbors and be cautious driving up the single lane road.