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Light Show Lane
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Light Show Lane is a computer controlled Christmas light show that utilizes 236 computer channels (Animated Lighting and DMX), over 50,000 LED, 688 strobe lights, a 27 foot Mega-Tree, two 32 foot simulated fireworks displays, and a 15 band RGB Audio Spectrograph. The lights are synchronize to 30 songs resulting in a show that lasts approximately 1 hours 23 minutes. The music is also transmitted on short range FM so you can stay in your car and watch the show on a cold or rainy day.

We have added a wireless system that allows us to transmit the show sequence data to other nearby homes. This means that we are now synchronizing 6 homes to the same show. Each home is uniquely decorated, but is animated to the same music tracks. We will be adding more and more homes in the near future.

Light Show Lane is a proud sponsor of Toys For Tots. 2016 collection dates are December 3 and 4.