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The Rombeiros Christmas House
34 Devonshire Dr.
Novato, CA 94947
Ed, Mary Jo, and Kathy
Celebrate 22 years of Holiday Magic

Our Grand Opening is December 7th

A long time ago, there was a family who lived on a Portuguese island called The Azores. This family known as The Rombeiros consist of 10. Christmas was a very special time for one of the boys. Every year Edmundo would help his mom Maria setup the Christmas tree and build a manger with lava rock, since the island was a volcanic island. Christmas wasnt about gifts, for them it was about family, it was about giving. Forty-Three years ago Edmundo and Mary Jo began their life here in the U.S. and Kathy was born, their only child. Edmundo wanted to pass on to their daughter the Christmas Traditions he knew from back home. Together Edmundo and Kathy (The main decorators of the Christmas House), transform their home into a Christmas Winter Wonderland a true magical experience which today is known as The Christmas House.

Enjoy The Tour!

As you enter The Christmas House you are in AHH! It truly is a taste of the North Pole. Enjoy the Traditional Victorian Christmas displayed in our Living Room. Walk through the Holiday Arch and enter the Dining Room, and enjoy the bright colors of a European Christmas. The last room before you enter our famous attraction, is our Family Room. This is where Santa Rombeiro and his family enjoy our Christmas Celebration Are you ready to catch the Holiday Train? WELCOME ABOARD, next stop The Christmas Carnival Enjoy a moment in Mary Jos Kitchen, chat with The Rombeiros, take a picture. Enjoy the walls of the Hallway Fun Times with our Family Now you enter the room dedicated to the family heritage, Sao Miguel, Azores ~ Grandma this one is for you! And lastly, Christmas Blessings reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, The Christ is Born

Fun Facts!

22 years we have opened our home to the public.

The Rombeiros have been on all local new stations and newspapers.

The house is decorated with 140,000 light bulbs inside and outside. (80% has been converted over to L.E.D. Lighting)

Every room is decorated in the house except for the Master Bedroom.

We start decorating in August through December (5 months).

All decorations are stored on the property (sheds, loft, garage, attics).

There are 2 main decorators Ed & Kathy. Santas helpers include Mary Jo, Tony, and Rosalina.

Last year the house was toured by 41,000 visitors (including 13 Tour Buses). 41,000 CANDY CANES were handed out to the visitors.

From all of us at

The Christmas House

Merry Christmas and all the Best in 2013

Some photos courtesy of John of

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