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The Mize Family and the Mickey Mouse Christmas House

We open on December 4th this year. Then our hours are nightly 6-9 pm (with extended hours on weekends). Lights will be on through Tuesday, December 27.

As natives of Marin, Les and Patty Mize are thrilled to be able to bring Christmas joy with a Disney twist to the people of his community and beyond. What started as a fun way to display Less burgeoning collection at Christmastime has turned into an annual Christmas display destination for families near and far that spans multiple generations. Les and Patty have been married for 47 years and have raised six children, some of whom still reside in Marin, with the others not too far away, and are now enjoying five grandchildren. Les is known affectionately as Papa Mic by his grandchildren, while their Marinwood home has been dubbed, the Mickey Mouse Christmas House.

Les started collecting Mickey Mouse and Disney memorabilia in the mid-seventies after his first visit to Disneyland. He was so taken with every aspect of the magic kingdom that he began filling his home with toys and collectibles--not a bad hobby when you have six children. Already a long time fan of Christmas with festive light displays and other decorations, incorporating his growing collection became just another aspect of the Mize family holiday decor. This tradition has grown quite a bit over the years and it is most certainly a family effort. There are established work-weekends for major set-up and take-down, as it is a lot of work. Decorating starts immediately after Halloween and takes the better part of a month to put together. Patty has played a key role in orchestrating the decorations and accommodating Les' new acquisitions, as he is still collecting!

Les and Patty enjoy trips to Disneyland to checkout the newest attractions, the latest parades and entertainment, and especially holiday decorations—particularly Halloween and Christmas. They also enjoy being able to visit Disneyland with their grandchildren. We hope you enjoy the decorations!

Some Interesting Numbers
18 decorators in the family crew (3 generations at work!)
21 full days of decorating (approx. 294 hours)
42 years of collecting Mickey Mouse
44 years of extensive Christmas decorating
200,000 lights in the outside display (probably that many more inside the house)
- More than 400 Mickeys in the garage display alone!

2014 - KRON 4 was filming at the Mickey Mouse Christmas House for a Holiday Lights 1 hour special to air on 12/19/2014

2015 - Guests can expect to spot characters from Inside Out and the Good Dinosaur as well as enjoy a glimpse of Star Wars Land in celebration of the release of the latest episode and the construction of Disneyland's highly anticipated Star Wars Land. Darth Vader gets into the Christmas spirit at the Mickey Mouse Christmas House. Other favorites are Lighting McQueen and Mater in the race down the icy slopes and Olaf enjoy a little surf and sun in "Summer."

2016 - Look for friends from Disney's newest hits "Finding Dory" and "Moana" while trying to count all the Mickeys in the garage window display. The sidewalk light display for Radiator Springs makes a nice photo op—just be sure to "tag" the Mickey Mouse Christmas House on Facebook.

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