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In Rocklin many homes have joined together on two streets (Pebble Creek Drive and Strand Road) to create the best light display in the area. There are over 300 high quality handcrafted characters, all from cartoons we've come to know and love. Some are animated and others are programmed to talk.

We highly recommend that you walk the streets, because there are trains, sounds, and life-size animated displays that can't be viewed from your car. As you make your turn onto Pebble Creek Drive, there is a large parking lot to the left. It is highly recommended that you utilize this.

If you do decide to drive through, drive slow and watch for children. Please note that the weekends can draw a large number of vehicles, so please be patient and courteous. From all of us at Pebble Creek Drive and Strand Road, have a wonderful holiday!

2011 notes - It was wall to wall traffic getting on the strreet. They probably have about 100 houses that decorate.

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