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Last Verified: 2015 Must See House Return: To Elk Grove Community Listings
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2015 - celebrating our 23rdyear.

One of the most beautiful displays in Northern California is the Sassman Memory Farm, located just south of Sacramento. About 1/2 of an acre of Earl and Judy Sassman's home is transformed into a beautiful display of lights. Earl, who retired this year, put up over 100,000 lights in the front and back yards of their home. The displays include a pair of tractors, moving reindeer and a 5 foot angel on top of a 33 foot tree. It is said that in a wind storm, the angel spins around like a weather vane, but always comes back, facing the house. This wonderful display of lights can be seen from Interstate 5.

The Sassmans provide ornaments that can be decorated by visitors on-the-spot and hung immediately in memory of lost loved ones. Hence the name "memory farm."

Starts December 1st to December 24th
weekdays 5:15-9:30
December 24th 5:15-8:00
Christmas Eve is the final day

From the December 17, 2011 Elk Grove Citizen newspaper: Best Display Seen from Miles Away: Earl Sassmans house can easily be seen across Franklins cow pastures thanks to his display. He also added a special Franklin touch by decorating tractors. Well worth traveling south of town for. 3446 Point Pleasant Road (Franklin).

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