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First Date On: 12/3/2017 Last Date On: 12/26/2017

Dovewood Court is a magical place where for more than a quarter century the residents have lit their homes. We implore you to walk if you can or drive if you must down the street and listen to the sounds of the season. You will hear a child's amazement as they experience the court for the first time. Often we hear parents telling their children that they used to "come down here when they were little". And on more than one occasion we have witnessed wedding proposals. There is magic in the air here.

We celebrate Christmas together in this very public way in an effort to collect food and money for the needy. A donation station is set up on the street and all cash and non-perishable food collected is donated to the Food for Families charity. Please join us in support of our community and make Dovewood Court a part of your Christmas Tradition.

We ALWAYS start the first SUNDAY after the FIRST SATURDAY each December. And we ALWAYS are done December 26.