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First Date On: 12/3/2017 Last Date On: 12/26/2017

Home of the Season-Best Decorated House of Brentwood 2006.

Holographic Santa and Sleigh that flys from the the tip of my house to the tip of the house across the street. You drive under Santa and sleigh as you drive into our court. 6 ft Santa that waves and sing 6 full length songs in a old opera Santa Voice. Holographic nativity scene. Gingerbread House and Gingerbread boy and girl. Sleigh with presents and 7 reindeer. Santa on the chimney top. Christmas trees, candy canes, presents and 2 holographic soldiers that stand at each side of garage. Twinkling icicles lights line the roof. Santa on a Harley in the driveway and lots more!

Most of the people on the court decorate as well. We have lots of people driving by all Christmas long. The houses will be lit from 6 to 9pm beginning Dec 5th until the week of Christmas it will be lit from 6 to 11pm.