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Press Democrat newspaper article Dec 2008
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Words cannot describe this Disneyland-like, majestic, magnificent, hand-carved castle nestled on Cielo Court in Rohnert Park. The details are endless as are the Disney characters displayed. My two year old nephew exclaimed, "The candy shop has real candy!!" "It's snowing bubbles," exclaimed my 12 year old who was enthralled by the Dickens village and train. Dalmatians align the yard, along with a flowing water fall where Surf's Up and South Park is keeping watch on the roof. At the very top of the roof is a star complete with Santa's sleigh and eight reindeer. As you walk along the court you are greeted by hand-carved princesses, the cast of Madagascar, the abominable snowman and various other Disney characters. This is by far the most creative and detailed home we have ever seen; enjoyed by all ages and a marvel for our children.

2013 - should be up and running by December 1.

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