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We live on a street that is celebrating 50 years of decorating for Christmas. This year my house which is located exactly in the center of the L shaped street is sporting 128 channels of computer control with synchronization to Christmas music. The Ceres Christmas Tree Lane is made up of houses on Henry, Vaughn and Caswell streets. Moffett is the main street used to access the lane.

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Here is the legend of Christmas tree lane in Ceres. About 53 years ago there was a woman who lived on Vaughn and owned a sewing and fabric store in downtown Ceres. She was extremely proud of her decorations in the store windows during the Christmas season. At the time there was a friendly homeowners club that made up the streets of Henry and Vaughn. One member was known to be a bit of a prankster and he lived across the street from the woman who owned the sewing shop. It is said that he spent a lot of time and money on this particular year decorating his house and made sure that it was lit up for all to see when the woman came home from her shop. Well, her reaction was everything he could hope for and the very next day it is said that she bought up every set of lights in Ceres and a goodly portion of the ones available in Modesto. Thus a friendly rivalry was born. It wasn't too long before the other members is the group got in on the fun and every year thereafter the street has been lit up for all to see from the first Saturday in December to Christmas Day.