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Last Verified: 2016 Must See House Light Show FM Broadcast
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We are going to have 7 houses and possibly 9 houses hooked up this year! Currently 320 channels planned with 5 Singing Coro Trees with 14 Songs that change a couple of times per night. FM Transmitter to listen in the privacy of your car as not to disturb the neighbors who are GREAT!

Last three years we have raised $31K and 254 barrels of food for the Visalia Rescue Mission.

We have been featured on 5 networks out of Fresno, Visalia Times Delta, and Raise Magazine.

Here is another YouTube Video where Van comes out in costume and rocks out! This is one crazy / happenin' guy! Maybe its this sort of stuff that got him the much coveted MUST SEE status as of 12/16/2011.

Another fine video is here that will get you into the spirit of Christmas!

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