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First Date On: 12/5/2016 Last Date On: 1/5/2017

The fairy forest, and snow and ice display also includes lighted trees with animals, lighted arches, and window display with doll houses and a village

Visitors need to come all the way up the walkway to see everything, as the property is "vertical" to the street.

For 2011, we have 1000's upon 1000's of lights, some inflatables, several ighted displays, a winter wonderland or two, Santas on the roof and in the gazebo, tin soldiers all the way up the walkway, a number of Christmas trees - some up to 12 feet tall, two large window displays, as well as several motion characters.

For 2014 - adding a Santa workshop large blow-up with walk-through, more elves, an entire wall of lights.

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