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Last Verified: 2016 Walking Neighborhood Return: To Livermore Community Listings
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Always a spectacular street to drive on! A u-shaped street with most of the 26 houses decked out in lights, mostly white icicles. Neighbors rent a boom lift and work together to light up their street.

This listing is part of what we designate as a "Walking Neighborhood". There are a number of well decorated homes in the immediate vicinity. You can park your car and walk the neighborhood, taking in the sights and sounds up close and personal.
Display info / hours, etc: Dec 1st - Jan 1st, 5 - 10pm

Lights of the Valley was featured LIVE on the CBS5 Hi-5 Helicopter flyover at 6:47 am on December 18th, 2009.

Photo above is the group of Rielsing Circle neighbors and Alex Dourov of Lights of the Valley (on the right) shortly after the flyover.

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