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From one of our on-the-spot reporters: We went to 1632 Jenna Place in Santa Rosa from the website. Nice display with the lights going with the Christmas music. Santa coming out of the out house inflatable. We discovered that the every house on the block has lights. A neighborhood coming together. We noticed address 1641 Jenna Place across from 1632 has a great display too. They have a rotating inflatable christmas tree, penguin and fire engine on the lawn along with lighted candy canesboarding thelawn. Wooden lawn decorations spot lighted. It appears they have a projector that displays falling ornaments on the house. They have isicle lights and running lights on the top tier the kids decided was Santa's landing pad. The neighbor to the right has a pine tree that is wrapped with LED lights and a snowman at the top. If you want to see a neighborhood of lights come to Jenna.

Walnut Ct is down the street with another great light display. Cheers!

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