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First Date On: 11/25/2016 Last Date On: 1/1/2017

Our display this coming Christmas will again have over 40,000 lights all controlled by computer. More than half blink in sync to music with my neighbor's house where you can sit in the warmth of your car and listen to the music over FM 89.7. Also the house trim lights change color every 5 minutes.

We are the only 2 full house displays synchronized together in Orange County!

Plans for 2012 Display:

  • The goal again for this year is to add two Baby (3') Mega Trees that blink with the 15' mega tree and the 7' tree.
  • Adding back the blue trim lights in the house trim color rotation
  • Some day I'll figure out where to put leaping arches that don't distract from the rest of the display
  • "No Vacancy" sign for Bethleham
  • Blinking some of our neighbor's houses with ours - maybe 2 or 3

Added Last Year:

  • Added a Singing Star on top of the Mega Tree (see Pictures Page). The kids loved it.
  • The rope light for the Cross went out so I replaced it with brighter LED rope light and added twinkling lights in the middle.
  • Added a website sign so people know that this site is here, New sign for radio station
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